Complementary Technology

The HAWK tool complementary to the junk shot:
At the time of Deepwater Horizon, there was a concern about the junk shot material suddently catching inside the BOP causing an undesirable pressure spike. The HAWK safety tool can be used in conjuction with the junk shot. The HAWK tool can be used to gradually reduce the flow and eliminate the generation of a pressure spike.

The HAWK tool complementary to the capping stacks:
The capping stack technology is robust. The main challenge of implmenting the capping stacks is infrastructure required to deploy a capping stack, weighing several tons.
The HAWK safety tool leverages it's small size be on the rig or rapidly installed on the BOP via ROV.
How Offshore Capping Stacks Work

The HAWK tool complementary to rapid shear ram closure technology:
Developments are being made to enable the shear rams to close the well a fraction of a second. In the event that there is still a concern that a well integrity may be compromised, the HAWK tool can be used in conjunction with rapid shear ram activation. The Hawk tool can be used to reduce the flow in the annulus below the rapid shear rams. When the flow is reduced the rapid shear ram can be used to cut the drill pipe and safely close the well.