HAWK Safety Tool for Blowout Preventers

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  • Hampering Active Wellbore Kit (HAWK)

    OBJECTIVE: Stem the uncontrolled flow of hydrocarbons between the incident and arrival implementation of existing well control strategies (e.g. Top kill).

    The HAWK Technology is the fast-acting right bowtie solution that can reduce the impact of a BOP failure by providing the driller/operator a method to rapidly bring the well under control (in minutes) while protecting existing equipment, and infrastructure; while maintaining all access/functionality for future top kill or capping stack options.

    Bowtie from Prevention to Remediation

    Functional Requirements

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Reduce flow by +90%
  • Allow for other methods

  • Financial Impact

  • Flow rate ~50,000 barrel/day
  • Approx. $12,000/barrel spilled
  • BP total cost: $55B